Why Cant Black Women Date White Men Without HATING BLACK MEN?

It seems every black woman dating white men hate their own race of men. Why cant black women date white men and still have love for their own race of men, it seems to me only scorn self hating black women date white men and i notice every black woman who date white men date them exclusively, meaning they are either uncle toms or hate black men

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  1. BAMFforlife2580 says:

    I’m a white guy and I think black girls are beautiful, but if I try to flirt that shit ain’t happening. Black girls that like black guys think that if they try and date a white guy, then the black guys won’t date them. And if your a white guys trying to hit on a black girl, you got to have balls cause more than likely they are gonna be like no thanks and walk.

  2. NoDrkButtsWanted says:

    ” I go to UCLA Berkley”…. There is no such school as UCLA Berkley. There is UCLA & there is UC of Berkley but they are 2 completely different institutions. When are you going to tell me what a lebanese person has ever done that is noteworthy? I’ve already answered you when challenged about Black scholars. I’ve been watching the Olympics the last couple of weeks & you’re countrymen are no where to be found. Please reply back with accomplishments of your ppl or don’t reply at all.

  3. divinewords says:

    Sorry–it’s called The Sitter starring Jonah Hill. Made in 2011. That movie was pretty funny, actually. Kind of a rip off of the movie “Adventures in Babysitting”. Anyways, the main character’s girlfriend is a druggie and a user. At the end, he ends up hooking up with a super nice blk girl who he went to school with that was the “good girl” in the movie. I was surprised, but it was a nice twist.

  4. blktrekie29 says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people are so incredibility ignorant that it borders on stupidity. I haven’t heard of that movie. Who does it have in it? I tried to look it up on IMDB, but there were several listings.

  5. divinewords says:

    I don’t understand why people look to the media to derive their self-worth/self-image. The last time I saw a blk female played as a love interest in a movie was “The Babysitter”, & it is becoming more common now. I was taught to love myself by my parents. They grew up in the 50′s and 60′s. My mother lived through segregation, & my dad grew up in Harlem during the time of Malcolm X & the Harlem riots. Self-image starts at home. I have no desire to be anything but who I am b/c I’m okay w/ myself.

  6. blktrekie29 says:

    I think it’s for several reasons. The media and society uplift whiteness and tell us that blk is bad by not including us in t.v., films, and on magazine covers & perpetuating the idea we’re all uneducated & ghetto. When is the last time you saw an obviously blk woman portrayed as a love interest on tv? Also, we as blk ppl — neither at home or in school — are really taught to love ourselves. It’s like they tell you to be proud but don’t teach you why. Also, equality doesn’t exist.

  7. divinewords says:

    I’ve met girls like that; however, most people assume if you are with someone of a different color that you hate yourself, or hate blk people. I don’t get that. I’ve dated guys of all ethnicities & most have the same characteristics (for good or bad). I’ve dated blk & white guys that were assholes. I also make more money than my fiance, but all blk women that date outside of their race are gold diggers, or wanting to “up their status”. What about the fact that 2 people get along and are happy?

  8. blktrekie29 says:

    They stereotype all black men and people, but when the white guys they date display the same bad behavior, it’s that specific guy that’s an idiot. They don’t stereotype white people the same way they do black people. If I introduce them to black people who don’t fall under “the steretypes,” they say that they don’t count b/c they don’t represent most black people. It’s like talking to ignorant, white people. It’s sad.

  9. divinewords says:

    Well, I grew up in MN, which is predominately white. I always dated blk men my whole life. I moved to LA 9 yrs ago, & never dated outside my race until I moved into a larger populated city. I never let go of my love of blk people or blk men. My reaction to growing up w/ less blk people was to become more educated & proud of being blk. The confidence I built in that environment translated into a positive self-esteem, which is attractive to all types of people. My experience was opposite, I guess.

  10. blktrekie29 says:

    I didn’t say that all black women who date outside of their race or self-hating or hate black men. That’s crazy. My cousin used to date white guys because of the area she was in, but once you moved to a more diverse area, she began dating black men and the like. I said I also personally know blk women who exclusively date outside of their races. They constantly make negative remarks about not only blk men but blk people in general and put white and lighter-skinned ppl on a pedestal.

  11. divinewords says:

    I have a great relationship w/ my father & I am engaged to a white guy. You are under the assumption that it is somehow unnatural for 2 people to be together just b/c they care about each other, despite skin color. Why does it have to come down to some dramatic Dr. Phil shit about people hating their parents?? And not all blk women who date outside of their race hate & bash blk men. I love blk men, I just fell in love w/ the person I did. Is that self hate to love someone different than you?

  12. divinewords says:

    LMAO—I just googled you and you were on some Latina girl’s page talking about how much you love Latinas! LMAO…you slam someone else for interracial dating, but you are interested in it yourself. You are a trip KEEVO!! LMAOOOOOO…Wanting to taste a little pink taco, eh?

  13. divinewords says:

    Why do you think I hate black men. I don’t hate blk men, but I do hate bad grammar and people writing in ALL CAPS. Annoying. I think you’re the one who hates blk women, because you must not realize that blk women are beautiful, dynamic, & desired by men of all backgrounds. Do you think blk women can only attract and keep a man through sex–being a sex slave for any man? Don’t you believe blk women can be loved for reasons other than sex?

  14. KEEVO GOSBY says:


  15. nnaija1 says:

    true…but majority of the time its a darkskinned black woman

  16. blktrekie29 says:

    With that said, I also know some black women who just dated white men because that’s all they were around. Once they were around black men who had their stuff together, they started dating black men. The diff. that I’ve seen is one group of blk women had sucky relationships with their fathers while the second group had strong, more positive relationships with their fathers. I think that’s what it boils down to, even if those women don’t get why they do it.

  17. blktrekie29 says:

    I had to stop the video before it ended to say that it, too, has been my experience that many black women that I know that date white men (some in my own family) do so because they are some “white-washed,” self-hating negroes. They don’t just date white men. They bash black men. Some of them have never dated black men at all — ever. They just go buy what they see on t.v….It’s really sad…

  18. blktrekie29 says:

    That’s not always the case. I know lighter-skinned, black women that do the same thing.

  19. nnaija1 says:


  20. lululala639 says:

    Sad but True SMH

  21. miaseymour says:


  22. divinewords says:

    Also–BTW–This video has a good subject, but you basically keep repeating the same things over and over again. All your points are anecdotal–mainly from what you think, people you know, etc, etc. I think you’d actually get an answer for your question if you did some type of study, or a nation wide poll of a significant group of the population in which you are directing your question. I find this video a bit offensive, only because you didn’t put any facts into your argument.

  23. divinewords says:

    I love black men. In fact, my favorite guy in the whole world is black–MY FATHER!! But I am engaged to a white guy–whom I love. And ironically, he has the same qualities as my father: kind, gentle, intelligent, talented, great sense of humor–and treats me well. I still love blk men! But I love my man because of the way he treats me. <3

  24. Tresaevil says:

    Perhaps we should continue this ‘debate’ in private…

  25. Tresaevil says:

    That is NOT how I put it; stop taking my words out of context in an attempt to make me seem infantile… So intent were you on proving me wrong, that yes you have indeed missed my point, so I’ll carify it again – “”I hope that people will finally come to [realise] that there is only one ‘RACE’ – the human race – and that we are all members of it”

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